lovelytheband releases visuals for their “These Are My Friends” single

lovelytheband is an alternative rock band out of Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released a music video for “These Are My Friends”, a single from their upcoming debut album, entitled, “Finding It Hard to Smile”.  

lovelytheband – “These Are My Friends”

“I wish I was a little more loved. Tryna find a way to fix that. So many people inside my head. Momma taught me not to talk back but they’re pretty good company. They cheer me up when I feel bad. Is it my insecurities that keep me going?”

The Hoeg/Beach-directed video finds the band performing on a creamy-white set with a red door pictured with white boxes. The band, dressed in pink and off-red outfits, jam to their tune while their friends, inside their heads, are on set with them. A pinkish/red filter colors the screen while each friend is highlighted inside a purple outline.



“My heart and I don’t get along. It’s something that I’m sad about. Everybody needs a pick me up. But I should probably slow it down. But it’s pretty good company. It cheers me up when I feel bad. These are my insecurities. That keeps me going.”

We discover that the friends are actually pick-me-uppers that keep the band going strong. Unlike people, these uppers are a good company that cheers them up when they feel down. Also, the uppers don’t care who they are and what they do. They are not judgmental like people, and that’s why lovelytheband sings about them.

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