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LOLO BX releases an 8-bit animation video for his “Pulled Up” single featuring Yuneer Gainz

LOLO BX (Brett Foran) is a bass producer and graphic artist from Bathurst, Australia. Not too long ago, he released an 8-bit animation video for his “Pulled Up” single featuring Brooklyn-based rapper Yuneer Gainz.

LOLO BX – “Pulled Up” featuring Yuneer Gainz

“Gucci bandana like I’m 2 Chainz. Flexing and finessing I got two ways. Recording or touring I got two ways for the bands to keep on coming. That’s why today I just pulled up in that Bentley Bentayga.” – lyrics

The 8-bit music video finds an animated LOLO BX and Yuneer Gainz on an adventure inside a video game. Also, they cruise inside their brand-new Bentley down graffiti-plagued blocks.

The audiovisual showcases LOLO’s artistic vision and skill as a graphic artist. His creative flair extends beyond the music world as he creates an immersive experience for the audience across different platforms.

‘Pulled Up’ contains a prosperous narrative, harmonious rap vocals, and bass-heavy instrumentation flavored with electronic, trap, and hip-hop elements.

LOLO BX – “Pulled Up” featuring Yuneer Gainz

LOLO BX + Yuneer Gainz + 8-bit

LOLO BX grew up on hip-hop, punk, and metal. He breathes music and has spent a good portion of his life creating it in one form or another.

With online plays in the hundreds of thousands, he continues to make waves both locally and internationally with his enriched cocktail blend of melodic bass music.

Also, he has taken on remix duties for label powerhouses such as Mad Decent, Ministry of Sound, and the prestigious Aussie crew Sweat It Out.

We recommend adding LOLO BX’s “Pulled Up” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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