Curren$y, LNDN DRGS, & Jay Worthy - Umbrella Symphony cover art

LNDN DRGS & O.G Curren$y team up on “Umbrella Symphony” EP

Hip-hop duo LNDN DRGS teamed up with the biggest hustler in the rap game, the true OG Curren$y, to bring fans a collaboration EP, entitled, “Umbrella Symphony“.

The six-song project features the rhymes of Jay Worthy and Curren$y over the buttery-smooth production of Sean House, and the combination is heavenly. Also, it offers broad musical perspectives that bring the North American continent together.

“Tears in the Rain”

This project certainly has a lazy day type of vibe to it, sporting rainy sound effects in a number of the outros. With that said, this is cruising music at its apex.

You’ll want to burn yourself a copy of this one to keep in your car at all times. With all the stress there can be on the roads, I want to shout out Curren$y for always coming through with music that you can turn on and tune out with.

In many ways, “Umbrella Symphony” is a classic Curren$y style project with an atmosphere that puts you at ease while juxtaposing thoughtful lyrics and messages that will fuel your fire.

LNDN DRGS x O.G Curren$y x Jay Worthy – “Payback”

Noteworthy tracks include “Payback”, which features a slowed-down slide guitar sample that is dreamy and relaxing.

What makes this a standout track is the two rappers offer their deep insights and observations, which separate it from a lot of the hip-hop of today that isn’t very self-aware.

‘Umbrella Symphony’ is a breath of fresh air in a climate where hip-hop artists often rely on slapping beats and high BPMs as crutches.

Some of my favorite hip-hop is when rappers can spit over a jazzy loop with little or no drums, yet crescendos with their bars alone.

Curren$y is an expert of this style and you can see him show off this talent in the song “Sake”.

LNDN DRGS x O.G Curren$y x Jay Worthy – “Sake”

Hip-hop is alive in the underground.

If you haven’t already given Umbrella Symphony a listen, then take a load off, roll one up, and take a listen. You will not be disappointed.

In a day and age where hip-hop can come off as a little redundant and monotonous, Curren$y and LNDN DRGS show us that they are still making real music.

You might need to step away from the charts in order to find it, but hip-hop is alive and well in the underground thanks to O.Gs like Curren$y who have never stopped hustling.

Stream “Umbrella Symphony” via Apple Music

Curren$y hails from New Orleans.

The duo, LNDN DRGS, consists of rapper Jay Worthy from Compton (representing the West Coast) and producer Sean House from Vancouver, B.C. 

We recommend adding their “Umbrella Symphony” EP to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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