Little Lies press photo
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Little Lies releases a visualizer for their new alternative pop-rock single, entitled, “Us Against The World”

Little Lies is an indie-rock duo from Sweden. Not too long ago, they released a visualizer for their new alternative pop-rock single, titled, “Us Against The World.”

Little Lies – “Us Against The World” Visualizer

“I gave all my strength only to fall apart. Now I feel only pain. Days are gone, nights forever when you have no one and my flame burns in vain. It was us against the world, us against the world, and now everything’s a blur.” – lyrics

‘Us Against The World’ tells a gloomy tale about a young woman who feels, “The Moon is gone, there’s no sense in going on.” Her heart is broken, her inside, bleeding and bruised, ever since her significant other left her behind for a better situation. Now, she’s trembling, lonely, with no fuse to power her way through life. It’s dark in her mind. It’s dark where she’s at.

‘Us Against The World’ is the lead single and title track of Little Lies’ debut EP, “Us Against The World,” via Cosmos Music. The 5-track project includes previous singles “Carolina” and “Swallowed Up In Space,” alongside three brand-new tracks. Anna Maria’s beautifully textured vocal expertly describes each captivating story throughout the EP, with aching honesty.

Little Lies – “Us Against The World” EP

Little Lies - “Us Against The World” EP cover art

“Our debut EP is a small snapshot of what to expect from our forthcoming album, ‘Destination Unknown.’ We wanted these songs to tell relatable moving stories alongside a contemporary sound that draws inspiration from our songwriting heroes of the past. For the single, ‘Us Against The World,’ we wanted to create something beautiful, lush, and dreamy with a solid groove. There is not much happiness to be found in the heartbroken lyrics, but in the music, there is plenty of hope and strength.” – Little Lies explained

The duo’s upcoming concept album, “Destination Unknown,” will follow later this year. The collection contains melodic, genre-hopping tracks which carry a clear but humble nod to the band’s common denominator and all-time idol, Fleetwood Mac.

Little Lies is a passion project from established musicians and friends, Mikael Nordgren and Anna Maria Espinosa. Their music soars freely between a myriad of emotions, heartfelt lyrics, and catchy melodic soundscapes. Mikael and Anna created Little Lies as a vehicle to share the songs that have been bubbling under the surface for a long time, as the pair forged successful music careers separately across Sweden for over a decade.

Little Lies

Little Lies press photo

As a band that refuses to be confined by genre, Little Lies not only delve into the realm of pop, rock, and indie but also experiments with electronic and folk-driven sounds. They draw inspiration from the likes of Crosby Stills & Nash, Warpaint, King Tubby, and Twin Peaks, among others.

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