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Little Big releases a playful music video for their “PENDEJO” single

Little Big (Ilya “Ilich” Prusikin and Sonya Tayurskaya) is an influential punk-pop-rave band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Not too long ago, they released a playful music video for their “PENDEJO” single. The smart and fun video, directed by Alina Pasok and Ilya Prusikin, follows a slew of hyper-viral music videos, with over three billion views in total.

Little Big – “PENDEJO” music video

“We filmed the video for three days – in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree. Those were sweltering days. I (Ilya) almost fainted while filming a scene ‘dancing on an ellipsoid.’ The heat was, in my opinion, 48 degrees Celsius. The scene was filmed in one take because I couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone was under awnings, and I was in direct sun. This is the fastest scene in my life, we filmed it for one and a half minutes, and that’s all – the stop, rec is off. As for the fails, there were none.

The team is excellent, assembled of mega-professionals: Russians, Ukrainians, and Americans altogether. And I will say that in America, we have assembled a team that is on the same level as the team we had in Russia. Only there, it took us ten years to do it, but here we managed to assemble it in half a year.

Our life turned into TikTok. This track and video are about this TikTok phenomena. People are making bullsh*t 24/7 and that’s totally ok, because life is rather pointless. Just make fun and do whatever you want to (whatever is legal, of course).” – Ilya Prusikin elaborated

‘PENDEJO’ will be featured on Little Big’s forthcoming album, details to be announced soon.

Little Big

Little Big press photo
Photo by Karim Belkasemi and Alina Pasok

“The fact is that we treat life as something fun. We do not believe that life should be lived hard, through some difficult obstacles. Life should be fun, because there is no meaning in life, and the only thing a person can do is to endow his existence with his own meaning. And we want to endow our lives and listeners with fun so that a person does not live in some morality. In our opinion, it is moralizers who arrange wars and so on. They (moralizers) are trying to endow human life with some super ideas of what needs to be done for us to be great. No, there is nothing like that. We are people, and we want to live this life the way we want, and we want to live this life with fun. And this song is about that. That we can be ‘Pendejho’ and there’s nothing wrong with that. People can be dumb and act stupid – nothing is wrong with that. There is no meaning in life – we have fun and wish everyone the same.” – Ilya Prusikin elaborated

Little Big has an avid worldwide fanbase and is known for their collaborations with international artists such as Oliver Tree, Tommy Cash, Finch Asozial, Dillon Francis, Clean Bandit, and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Little Big – SKIBIDI (official music video)

‘Skibidi’ is Little Big’s most popular video with more than 676 million views. Their single, “UNO,” is a record breaker — it became the most viewed video in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest with an impressive 268 million views.

“Uno” – Russia – Official Music Video – Eurovision 2020

Last year, on March 3rd, 2022, Little Big packed up their bags and left their Moscow homes, and moved to Los Angeles. All because of their moral conviction and position against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Little Big USA Tour 2023

Little Big USA 2023 tour

After celebrating their 10-year anniversary on April 1st, Little Big is eager to commemorate this joyous occasion live on the upcoming 16-date American tour. Known for their super-viral iconic music videos, Little Big is thrilled to bring their spectacular live shows to the USA, starting in Miami on June 9th (see dates below).

“PENDEJO” single

Little Big - PENDEJO single art

“Wake up in the middle of the night just to check the phone. Counting all my likes like it’s money. I’m a ticking bomb, dancing to the camera duck face, mmhm, looking dumb, I’m crazy and I know it but it’s so damn fun. Pendejo, what the f***, pendejo. Tick-tock, time is up. We goin’ harder, going louder till the beat goes drop. Tick tock, make it stop, I’m lazy and I know it but I’m still so hot.” – lyrics

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