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Listen to Lily Rose’s New “Runnin’ Outta Time” EP

Lily Rose is a groundbreaking Country artist from Georgia. Not too long ago, she released her highly-anticipated EP, “Runnin’ Outta Time,” bringing a modern approach to songs about family, hometowns, and living life to its fullest.

The project offers a deep dive into Rose’s personal narrative, translating her life experiences into six compelling tracks, all co-written by Rose and produced by Paul DiGiovanni. Born from a period of reflection for Rose, she re-centers herself after experiencing the dizzying highs of life’s biggest changes and all that comes with pursuing your dreams.

Lily Rose – “Runnin’ Outta Time” EP

Lily Rose - Runnin' Outta Time EP Cover Art

Lily Rose sets the stage for the EP with “The Goal,” recalling wisdom from her parents about balancing ambitions with core values. The hopeful, soaring “Back Pew” provides much-needed comfort and clarity during a church service, underscoring everyone’s worthiness of grace. “Parking Lot” transports listeners to the carefree moments of their youth when everything surrounded that small town gravel hub.

“True North” flips the negative connotation of the age-old saying ‘when it all goes south’ into a place full of nostalgic embrace – Georgia – where Lily seeks grounding amid her fast-paced lifestyle. “Two Flowers” stamps the autobiographical heart of the EP as Lily explores the duality of her name and innate nature. The title track “Runnin’ Outta Time” bookends the EP with a strong exclamation point to live in the moment and embrace one’s own unique journey.

Focusing on her role as a wife, daughter, and friend, Lily said that “Runnin’ Outta Time” is a collection of songs that offers an honest look into where she is in her life right now as someone who can feel time moving quickly but wants to soak it all in with the people who matter most. “Making this EP has been a patient, intentional, and rewarding process these last few years,” Lily Rose stated. “I feel like it exemplifies exactly where I’m at in this season of life – being the best version of myself that I can be while moving at a million miles an hour.”

“Runnin’ Outta Time” EP

Lily Rose - Runnin' Outta Time EP press photo
Photo by Cal & Aly

“Runnin’ Outta Time” is packed with Saturday-night energy and Sunday-morning reflection, serving as the perfect soundtrack for the intense push and pull in Rose’s life, as well as a potent reminder of how important it is to take a breath and focus on the things that matter most. Buy tickets from to see Lily Rose perform LIVE.

“Runnin’ Outta Time” is also the long-awaited follow-up to Rose’s critically acclaimed 2022 debut STRONGER THAN I AM, and features writing credits from some of Nashville’s finest such as Trannie Anderson, Blake Pendergrass, Hillary Lindsey, Emily Weisband, and more.

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