Lillian Hepler - "Call Me Yours" single cover
Photo Credit: Evan Aparicio

Discover “IDK Her” Single by Rising Singer-Songwriter Lillian Hepler

Lillian Hepler (@lillianhepler) is an LA-based rising singer-songwriter from Utah. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her triumphant, revenge-is-sweet single, “IDK Her,” via The Hard Working Record Company.

Lillian Hepler – “IDK Her” music video

With a lens focused on showcasing her unique artistry and flare, “IDK Her” offers listeners a glimpse into the vast potential that Lillian Hepler possesses as an artist. Her soul-stirring vocals, accompanied by a captivating and carefully crafted production, create the perfect revenge track. Carving her path within the music industry, Hepler brings a fresh and distinctive perspective.

“IDK Her” continues to show Hepler’s growth as an artist and is expected to firmly establish her as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The new track offers fans a taste of what they can expect from Hepler’s upcoming EP, available in 2024.

“Boy, my back still has your knife.”

Lillian Hepler - "Call Me Yours" Lead Press Image
Photo Credit: Evan Aparicio

“I’m sure we’ve all experienced getting played by somebody at least once in our lives. This song is a way of telling my side of the story, because I never got to. It’s sad how someone can have such a negative impact on somebody else, to the point where they don’t feel like the same person anymore. But everything’s a learning experience, and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to express my emotions through music.” – Lillian Hepler explained

Since her first release, Lillian Hepler has been deftly working on her artistry, ensuring the essence of who she is comes through in her music. Now, at 22, she’s finally achieved that feat, as she embarks on the next chapter of her story.

A dynamic and versatile pop artist, Lillian weaves her own experiences into her songs, conveying the kaleidoscope of emotions she’s sifted through. Written in a stream-of-consciousness style, as if the tracks were lifted straight from her diary, her new material touches everything from a friendship breakup to being blindsided by an ex. Lillian’s music showcases her ability to astutely share her story while making it something anyone with as big a heart as hers can relate to. For more information, visit

Lillian Hepler – “IDK Her” single

Lillian Hepler - IDK Her Cover Art
Art Courtesy of The Hard Working Record Company

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