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Lili Kendall releases an emo-driven R&B tune, entitled, “Third Degree Love Crimes”

Lili Kendall is a 22-year-old LA-based singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. Not too long ago, she released an emo-driven R&B tune, entitled, “Third Degree Love Crimes”, created in collaboration with producer, SLMN.

Lili Kendall – “Third Degree Love Crimes” single

“Hold up for once, I think I fell in love. Booed up quicker than I ever would. The truth is I don’t have the time for us but I make it work somehow. Now, I have gotten myself in too deep. You feel like you are not a priority. I asked for nothing but your trust. I can’t do jealous.” – lyrics

‘Third Degree Love Crimes’ tells a heartfelt tale of a young woman who shares a problematic relationship with her significant other. Apparently, being with each other seems like a torturous chore. Therefore, the woman seeks to run and hide from things on her mind. Later, she admits that maybe it’s her fault that they are where they are because of something she did.   

‘Third Degree Love Crimes’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the emo-driven tune possesses melodic instrumentation scented with an alternative-R&B aroma.

Lili Kendall

Lili Kendall press photo

“We do some crazy sh*t for, and in, love. And that’s what inspired this song. It was just one of those songs/feelings that was lying dormant in us waiting to be heard, and nothing was going to stop it that day.” – Lili Kendall

‘Third Degree Love Crimes’ will be featured on Lili Kendall’s upcoming debut album, entitled, “love, herself”, set for a 2020 release date. The transformative and healing body of work narrates womanhood, self-empowerment, love, and life.

“I have found peace in the lyrics of these songs, writing this album has been how I processed and released all that I’ve encountered over the last two years. I hope listening to these songs has the same effect on people that they had on me while creating them.” – stated Kendall

“Third Degree Love Crimes” single

Lili Kendall - “Third Degree Love Crimes” cover

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