Lil Haiti + Sage the Gemini

Lil Haiti releases a hot new single, entitled, “Woosah” ft. Sage the Gemini

Lil Haiti is a Haitian-born-and-raised rapper/producer based in Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he released “Woosah”, a hot new single featuring Sage the Gemini.

“Woosah” ft. Sage the Gemini

“You done got my hopes up, making promises that you can’t keep. Breath in, breath out, Woosah, Woosah, Woosah. I’m on ya neck like a chocker. Money stretch like yoga. On ya block like Sosa. Ain’t no time for hold up. Pay up, bust up, you act up, get dropped up. – Haiti

Lil Haiti

Lil Haiti + Sage the Gemini

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