LeyeT releases a poppin’ dance tune, entitled, “Let Me Know”

LeyeT (pronounced ‘light’) is a Los Angeles-based indie-pop singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a poppin’ dance tune, entitled, “Let Me Know”.

LeyeT – “Let Me Know”

“I can’t get the words out of my mouth. They’re trapped in a safe house. Somebody burn it down. Can’t fight it, no use even trying. Subjects getting violent, come out of your hiding.” – LeyeT

“Let Me Know” draws a cautionary line between love and friendship. It follows a woman who wants to know what’s ‘really good’ with her friend, a guy. Therefore, she asks him a couple of questions, “Are we friends or is it more? Are these feelings mutual or just in my head?” And more.

LeyeT + “Let Me Know”


“The emotions attached to ‘Let Me Know’ stem from two people cautiously coming to terms with an undeniable chemistry and the confusion and hesitation that follows once the realization is unquestionable.” – LeyeT

“Let Me Know” contains chill vibrations, soothing vocals, and a rhythmic instrumentation embedded with a danceable groove. Also, its relatable lyrics, perhaps stemming from the singer’s past, highlights that awkward moment of truth, when love is in the air.



“I say, ‘You better let me know…”, making it clear that the time has come to make a move, before the feelings fade, as feelings often do, and I move on. There are always complications when two people with individual and separate lives try to ‘get on the same page’. So the song reflects the moment when I reached my moment of going “all in.” – LeyeT

 We recommend adding LeyeT’s “Let Me Know” single to your personal playlist.

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