Leon Timbo & Northern Lights United press photo
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Leon Timbo & Northern Lights United release their “Abba” single

Leon Timbo is a singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. Not too long ago, he and Northern Lights United released a lyric video for their spirited Christian Gospel single, entitled, “Abba”.

Leon Timbo & Northern Lights United – “Abba”

“You’re more real than the wind in my lungs. You’re more real than the ground I’m standing on. Your thoughts define me, you’re inside of me, you are my reality. Abba, I belong to You.” – lyrics

Leon Timbo’s recent collaboration, an EP, entitled, “Invitation to Worship, Vol. 1” features a group of worship leaders called Northern Lights United.

Their “Abba” single is an intimate love ballad that reads like a prayer. The song lyrics are a beautiful expression of love to God.

Also, it expresses that a tangible relationship with the Creator is possible no matter what.

Leon Timbo & Northern Lights United – “Abba”

Leon Timbo & Northern Lights United – “Abba” artwork

Leon Timbo is known for bringing jubilant worship experiences to sanctuaries across the nation.

Also, he’s one of the first African American artists to travel with his guitar sharing his brand of vertical worship.

Get acquainted with Leon Timbo & Northern Lights United’s music by streaming their “Invitation to Worship, Vol. 1” EP via Spotify.

“Invitation to Worship, Vol. 1” EP

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