Leftfield Keele

LeftField Keele releases “Faded” feat. EverythingOShauN

LeftField Keele is a rapper outta Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, he released “Faded”, a song from his upcoming “LiveFromLeftField” EP featuring EverythingOShauN.

Leftfield Keele

Indie Review

“LeftField emphasizes on lyricism, delivery, and the pockets of his flow. He commands instrumentals with sophisticated style to craft songs focused on personal themes of struggle, redemption, and success. Also, you can add achievements and celebrating life to that list.”

Consequently, Keele has been on his grind. Check out his music video for “Definition”. The song is off his “The Shadow” mixtape. Furthermore, the video shows him chilling in a city area, after hours. Also, he’s walking around and rapping with a spit-fire flow and smooth delivery.


Keele’s favorite word is eucatastrophe, which means a happy ending. In addition, it also means a sudden and favorable resolution of events in a story.

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