Lee Cole - “Pink Dragons” photo

Lee Cole unveils a lovely audiovisual for his “Pink Dragons” single

Lee Cole is a singer-songwriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Not too long ago, he released a lovely audiovisual for his “Pink Dragons” single, produced by John Degrazio.

Lee Cole – “Pink Dragons” music video

“When I’m with you, all that I see is pink dragons floating and flying in the sky. It’s what you do, it’s just what happens. ‘Cause lately, I’ve been thinking you’ve been forgetting the reasons we got in this place. ‘Cause baby, I don’t care if we lose, I just want you to try, ‘Cause if you gon’ love me, then say something, say something to me. We got nothing to prove, I don’t want you to hide. ‘Cause if you gon’ love me, then say something, say something to me.” – lyrics

‘Pink Dragons’ tells an emotional tale of a young guy who shares a challenging relationship with his significant other. Apparently, he’s counting his blessings, hoping his partner stays with him. Therefore, he’s willing to work things between them even though his companion might not believe in their love anymore.

‘Pink Dragons’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses moody instrumentation flavored with a sentimental pop aroma. Furthermore, “Pink Dragons” follows hot on the heels of Lee Cole’s breakout single, entitled, “I Don’t Wanna Wait”.

“Seeing the light in your face keeps me moving along.”

Lee Cole press photo

“The song represents the love between two people in which the experience is akin to being on a high. It’s a feeling so surreal that you’re almost willing to do anything to fight for it.” – Lee Cole

Lee Cole can be considered anywhere from confessional pop to post-teen pop. His last single, “I Don’t Wanna Wait”, was a smash in South Africa, climbing several charts. 947 (one of the two biggest stations in Johannesburg with two million listeners) playlisted the song and it hit #9 on the Top 40. Also, the accompanied audiovisual plays constantly on MNET (one of the biggest TV channels South Africa).

‘Pink Dragons’ represents the other side of the coin. If “I Don’t Wanna Wait” was the emotional heart wrecker that called it quits on a dying relationship, “Pink Dragons” is the vibey and more uplifting anthem seeing the silver lining in relationships.

“Pink Dragons” single

Lee Cole - “Pink Dragons” cover

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