Lauren Lakis

Lauren Lakis releases a bubbly rock single, entitled, “Lead Us On”

Lauren Lakis is a Los-Angeles-based lo-fi garage rock artist. Not too long ago, she released “Lead Us On”, a bubbly rock single from her upcoming first full-length solo album, entitled, “FEROCIOUS”.

“Lead Us On”

Lead Us On showcases Lakis’s desire to express something human and honest. Also, to say things most people feel uncomfortable saying.

The song features the artist’s airy vocals, gritty guitars, and echoing melodies.

Lauren Lakis

Lauren Lakis

“Lakis is a fearless woman who lives life as raw, real, and unapologetic as possible.”

She has spent nights writing poetry with junkies in abandoned warehouses. Taught English in Prague. Worked as both a stripper and yoga teacher in Tokyo. Also, she has mentored kids with Autism.

These diverse experiences gave her a realistic understanding of people, which is apparent in her songwriting. Also, her experiences have opened her eyes to have empathy and compassion for others.

Lauren Lakis

Lauren Lakis

“I always aspired to embody those qualities, to strike out on my own, boldly go where no one in my family has gone, to love harder and more passionately.”

Not too long ago, Lakis released a music video for “Ferocious”, the lead single from her forthcoming album.

Lauren Lakis – “Ferocious”

The video highlights two lovers. Also, choreographed motions represent the trials and tribulations that their relationship is going through.

In conclusion, Lakis’s upcoming “FEROCIOUS” project will be perfumed with passion and grief. Also, it will contain a culmination of past experiences intertwined with the artist’s personal tragedy.

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