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Laura Tsaggaris unveils a captivating indie-rock tune, entitled, “Lead Me”

Laura Tsaggaris is a singer-songwriter from Washington, DC. Not too long ago, she released a captivating indie-rock tune, entitled, “Lead Me”. The folk-flavored tune was produced by Tim Lyons and features a National Symphony Orchestra quartet.

Laura Tsaggaris – “Lead Me” single

“After the 2016 election, my mental health couldn’t take being tuned in. I kept telling myself that I could do my part to try to turn things around by just focusing on raising kind children. But things in the news have become impossible to block out. It’s obvious that I need to change my approach. We need a government that shows general human decency. A positive example of how we should act towards one other would be a great start. Our children need to see and hear that.” – Laura Tsaggaris

‘Lead Me’ finds Laura Tsaggaris tackling social responsibility issues. The epic anthem is a powerful plea for unity in the face of this country’s civil, racial, and environmental unrest. Furthermore, “Lead Me” is Laura’s first new music in over four years. Interwoven with the song’s political commentary is an affirmation of artistic purpose. The early years of motherhood saw Laura’s creative channel closed. However, with a triumphant return cemented in the shape of “Lead Me”, she is back on course. 

“This song felt ‘important’ from the moment I wrote it.” – Laura Tsaggaris

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Laura Tsaggaris sometimes says she doesn’t ‘write’ songs. She likes to think they have a way of finding her. “Lead Me” found the artist-to-watch on a nonstop, overnight drive from DC to Florida at the height of the first wave of COVID-19 and George Floyd protests. With a sleeping family in the car, she recited a poem, sang a melody, and nodded to a beat only she could hear for a full four hours. Along with the music came images of two friends who define steadfast community service. She emailed the poem to both women upon reaching her destination.

“I was so glad to have a song that I was working on because the drive was brutal. It’s amazing how awake and alive I was at that moment. This music in my head and the thought that it could connect with people kept me going.” – Laura Tsaggaris

“Lead Me” single

Laura Tsaggaris - “Lead Me” cover

“This is a privilege that you can’t resign. ‘Sh*t goes back to way before you was born, dude. So, would you teach me how to walk a mile in your shoes? And could you teach me how to walk in mine, too? Can you lead me to believe that you are kind? And lead me with the balance of a heart and a soul and mind? Lead me through a system of change ‘cause we are running out of time.” – lyrics

Laura Tsaggaris is the author of 40+ songs and five records that span the genres of folk, Americana, alt-country, blues, Rock, and Pop. She has worked with Grammy-nominated producers Jamie Candiloro and Ian Schreier. Also, she has recorded with Ryan Adams, Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams), and Marty Rifkin (Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen). Plus, she has toured with Erin Mckeown, Rachel Platten, Ian Axel (of “A Great Big World”), and Zac Brown Band.

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