Lakshane is an up-and-coming Melbourne-based R&B/Soul singer/indie producer. Not too long ago, he released a sexy contemporary R&B tune, entitled, “All Mine”.

Lakshane – “All Mine”

“I text her on the daily. Lil Momma she’s my baby. I see her on the weekends. Can’t wait to the weekend. And she’s my favorite cup of coffee. So I wake up to her lips make my down to her hips. Oh she’s like the ocean. She’s got it dripping. I’m on the way.” – lyrics

“All Mine” contains a relatable storyline based on romance, charismatic lead vocals, and a lush instrumentation embedded with groovy guitar and bouncy drums.

Also, the summery single tells a gorgeous love story of an appreciative guy who can’t wait to make passionate love to his beautiful girlfriend. Also, he’s deeply in love with her and it shows. He loves every aspect of her mind, body, and soul and labels her image as ‘incredible’ and her body ‘edible’.  

Lakshane – “All Mine”


“This song was inspired by a girl I started seeing. She was like a breath of fresh air. It was so chilled and easy when we were dating. The lyrics and melody came naturally to me. Although I only convey the sexy side in the lyrics, the flow and feeling were much more. It was the fastest song I’ve written and recorded.” – Lakshane

We recommend adding Lakshane’s “All Mine” single to your personal music playlist.

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