L’ ové

L’ ové releases a poppin’ hip-hop tune, entitled, “Live Like”

L’ ové is an up-and-coming rapper/producer out of St. Louis, Missouri. Not too long ago, she released a poppin’ hip-hop tune, entitled, “Live Like”.

L’ ové – “Live Like”

Live Like is a track that lets everybody know basically what the world has been saying. Turn your vision into facts. Put your mind to it, you can do it. Seeing is believing. Life is what you make of it. I made this song and it was instantly LIT!” – L’ ové

“Live Like” contains trappy instrumentation, harmonious rap vocals, and computer-altered melodies. Also, the song vibrates an abundance of feel-good energy, and its positive message is ear-lovingly good: Live like life is a good LIFE, life is a good wife!

L’ ové

L’ ové

L’ ové is also a model, videographer, and CEO of N’ Aww Ent LLC. Her message is to find yourself, learn yourself, be yourself, and believe in yourself.

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