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L.A. Rochelle releases a touching debut single, entitled, “No More (Encore)”

L.A. Rochelle is a French singer-songwriter based in London, England. Not too long ago, he released a touching debut single, entitled, “No More (Encore)”.

L.A. Rochelle – “No More (Encore)” single

“I like the way you look and I love how you feel. I like the way you touch me, I know that its real. But now my plans are in the gutter. You done screwed it up this time. I was waiting up forever looking out for your reply. I don’t ever wanna think about you no more.” – lyrics

‘No More (Encore)’ tells a heartfelt tale of a young guy who questions the actions of his significant other.

Now, he wonders if it was something he said that caused his partner to do what was done which ​​screwed everything up. 

Even though he has mixed feelings, the guy admits he still loves his partner. But later reveals he doesn’t want to ever think about his companion anymore.

‘No More (Encore)’ contains a touching storyline, pleasant vocals, and up-tempo instrumentation scented with a nostalgic commercial-pop aroma. 

L.A. Rochelle – “No More (Encore)” single

L.A. Rochelle press photo

“This is a song full of haunting and heartbreak, set to melodic pop riffs and a happy chorus. However, it was a very dark beginning for this project. This pseudonym was born from tragedy as I desperately tried to escape my flat in Paris where my best friend took the life of my other best friend. The two of whom had been in a secret gay relationship. Dealing with the trauma and grief, I immersed myself in my music as I bought time and saved to travel to L.A. from La Rochelle. Through this project and this song I’ve redefined my perspective of love, friendship, and loss.” – L.A. Rochelle

While studying at the French Conservatoire, unbeknownst to his professors, L.A. Rochelle would hammer nails into their grand pianos to create broken and mixed-up orchestral R&B music and cinematic soundscapes. This early fascination with the dramatic still resonates throughout his work today.

Since moving to London in 2012, his projects present his own extended-range of vocals layered over a bed of sub-heavy urban beats and incorporates home-made instruments, prepared pianos and harpsichords, orchestral string ensembles, baritone horns sextets, typewriter sections, washing mashing laments and other sound ambiances.

L.A. Rochelle – “No More (Encore)” single

L.A. Rochelle - “No More (Encore)” cover art

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