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Discover Kru & Cha Cha Malone’s New “Masterplan” Single featuring Junoflo

Kru (@krumusic) is a San Ramon, California-based singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India. Cha Cha Malone is a highly acclaimed multi-platinum producer. Not too long ago, they released an urban pop single, “Masterplan,” featuring k-hip-hop sensation/DJ,  Junoflo, via Krvthika Music.

Kru and Cha Cha Malone – “Masterplan” single featuring Junoflo

The opening lines, “Wake up in the morning, put my Gucci slides on,” and “Monogram Louis silk robe on my body,” introduce listeners to a luxurious world filled with high-end fashion and extravagance. The choice of brands—Gucci and Louis Vuitton—are emblematic of wealth and sophistication, suggesting that the artist’s day begins enveloped in luxury.

As the lyrics progress, the narrative shifts to a more profound theme of having a clear vision for success. Phrases like “My vision’s clean” and “My mind sees Bugatti” articulate a mindset focused on material possessions and achieving high levels of success. The word “vision” implies that Kru has a well-defined goal and a roadmap on how to achieve it. The mention of a Bugatti, an automobile synonymous with extravagance and performance, further accentuates Kru’s ambition and drive to reach the pinnacle of success.

However, “Masterplan” is more than just a celebration of obtaining material wealth; it is an anthem of ambition and a call to dream big while achieving financial independence. Moreover, the assertion “Imma make it happen, believe,” emanates confidence and self-belief, essential traits for anyone striving for success.

That’s the type of woman that I’m out here tryna be

Kru press photo

“‘Masterplan’ was crafted to inspire success and empower listeners to overcome obstacles on their path to achievement. This song, designed with women in mind but welcoming of all genders, seeks to uplift individuals by showcasing their talents and perseverance, ultimately earning the respect they deserve.” – Kru explained

“Masterplan” paints the picture of a formidable and determined woman (Kru), described as “this pretty little baddie a beast,” someone who is relentless in her pursuits. The imagery of having “claws in everything that she sees” signifies an unstoppable drive and an all-encompassing ambition. This portrayal is a powerful reminder of the strength and determination required to excel in any endeavor.

Lastly, the empowering message, “Speak into existence, work it to reality,” emphasizes the importance of positive affirmations coupled with hard work. This phrase suggests that verbalizing one’s goals can be a powerful motivator, but it must be accompanied by diligent effort to turn dreams into reality.

Kru and Cha Cha Malone – “Masterplan” single featuring Junoflo

Kru x Junoflo - Masterplan (Feat. Junoflo) art work

Kru’s musical influence stems from her roots in the Bay Area and India. She is classically trained in opera and traditional Indian Bharathanatyam dance. Now, she is in the studio with Grammy-nominated producer Benny Cassette (Cardi B, Bree Runway, Megan Thee Stallion) for her upcoming full-length album.

Cha Cha Malone is currently gearing up to unveil his upcoming project, “INEVITABLE,” in partnership with Kru.

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