Komo releases a music video for his “Vibe N Ting” single

Komo is a rising Afrobeat artist from London, England. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Vibe N Ting”, the title track from his debut EP.

Komo – “Vibe N Ting”

“Baby girl swing my way. I can tell that you be feeling my vibe for real. Walahi, I go make you my wife. Come to the crib let me give you a ride to mine. Now she wanna roll with me. Got her in the zone with me. Belling up my phone. Won’t leave me alone, but I just wanna vibe n ting.” – lyrics

The Eric Myers-directed video finds Komo dressed in a green sweatsuit with white stripes. Chilling behind him are two female models, each sitting on a green Ninja Kawasaki bike. Also, one of them walks while holding an active smoke bomb.

The following scene shows the artist indoors with two different models playing a video game. Also, the first two models are on the couch, looking at their cell phones.



“The ‘Vibe N Ting’ idea came to me during a challenging phase of my life. I had just finished a 2-year accelerated degree program from university with a 1st class degree achievement. And all I wanted to do after that was just party and have a good time. ‘Vibe N Ting’ really showcases my musical abilities and how I am feeling about life right now. As an artist, we are always looking for our sound, and my sound has surely evolved over time. I just want everyone to take in ‘Vibe N Ting’ as it’s my best work yet”. – Komo

Check out Komo’s “Vine N Ting” EP via Spotify and let us know what you think.

“Vibe N Ting” EP

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