Kirsty Grant - “Outerbody” press photo
Photo Credit: Massimiliano Giorgeschi

Get Lost In The Irresistibleness of Kirsty Grant’s “Outerbody” Single

Kirsty Grant (@kirstygrant) is a London-based singer-songwriter from Scotland. Exploding into the New Year with a potent dose of euphoria, she puts her best foot forward with her brand-new pop single, “Outerbody.”

Kirsty Grant – “Outerbody” visualizer

“I wanted to make a song that would make me feel out of my body. A few days before we wrote it, I was in a queue for a concert and was making a playlist on Spotify and happened to name it ‘Outerbody.’ I named it that as I was trying to piece together all of my favorite songs and noticed that every track I was adding reminded me of a concert I’d been to, memories, or felt like escapism. I would love the listener to actually experience the song and be taken out of whatever stresses they are dealing with and get lost in it. I love that the lyrics describe how you can be on your own, or surrounded by people in a club, but when your favorite song comes on, you can just be taken out of everything and be in a world of your own.” – Kirsty Grant explained

 A track destined to repel the January blues, “Outerbody” arrives as a triumphant pop banger, transporting you into blissful escapism.

Kirsty Grant

Kirsty Grant - “Outerbody” press photo
Photo Credit: Massimiliano Giorgeschi

Kirsty Grant has been nurturing her undeniable talent for merging personal lyricism with hypnotic pop hooks. Since she launched her debut EP “Chain Reaction” in 2021, Kirsty has won many hearts and been the recipient of much acclaim.

With support already under her belt from the likes of BBC Introducing, Wonderland, and other notable media outlets, it is evident that great things lie ahead for this exciting young artist. Not to mention she’s already racked up a cool one million streams on Spotify.

Kirsty Grant – “Disturbia” (Rihanna cover)

At the end of last year, Kirsty Grant announced her production debut with an impressive rework of Rihanna’s mega-hit “Disturbia.” The track was warmly received across DSPs and socials, priming her fanbase for a huge 2024!

Kirsty’s pop power lies within her ability to make us feel things with her music. Promising and continuously delivering this Scottish talent is sat on a wealth of exceptional unreleased material destined to soundtrack your greatest moments of 2024.

Kirsty Grant – “Outerbody” single

Kirsty Grant - “Outerbody” cover artwork
Photo Credit: Massimiliano Giorgeschi

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