Kid Pharaoh + Gold In My Veins Press Shot

Kid Pharaoh releases a music video for his “Gold In My Veins” single

Kid Pharaoh is a rapper with Egyptian and Australian roots. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his self-produced single, entitled, “Gold In My Veins”.

Kid Pharaoh – “Gold In My Veins” music video

“Gold on your neck, but I got gold in my brown skin. See yeah with your frontin’ ways. Your stunting chains and big face hundreds man. You hustling, but tell me what you covering? I never needed all that ‘cause I come from kings. So, what I need a Rollie for? It’s my time. I don’t need no gold to show how I shine. You can quit all that talking and lying.” – lyrics

Shot by Shaq Azhar in Wollongong, NSW, the audiovisual features Kid Pharaoh as the lead protagonist.

He plays an accountant in the office environment of Pharaoh Financial. The accountant comically analyses the expenses of a lavish rapper’s lifestyle. Also, he questions its worth and dismisses its relevance.

Kid Pharaoh – “Gold In My Veins” single

Kid Pharaoh – “Gold In My Veins” cover art

“Celebrating my Egyptian heritage and its rich history has always been at the forefront of what I do. But ‘Gold In My Veins’ allowed me to do so in a way that let me explore a new lane of sounds I was yet to touch. Inspired by the bounce and grooves of early 2000s Pharrell and Neptunes produced music I grew up with.” – Kid Pharaoh

‘Gold In My Veins’ tells an interesting tale from Kid Pharaoh’s point of view which claims his hip-hop kingship based on his royal ancestry.  

Apparently, the savvy emcee’s soul is made of gold, and he is from a lineage of pharaohs who sat on thrones in the Valley of the Kings.

Later, Kid Pharaoh reveals that no one is messing with him because he’s the best in his city, state, and country.

‘Gold In My Veins’ contains a relatable storyline, braggadocious raps, and lush instrumentation scented with a hip-hop fragrance.

“You can tell these rappers I don’t need to stunt. You can tell these rappers they don’t need to front. With your false claims and your gold chains, I was born from the kings, one thing. You can tell ‘em keep the gold in your chain ’cause yeah I got gold in my veins.” – lyrics

Kid Pharaoh provides a raw and unique voice for an underrepresented Arabic community in Australia.

We recommend adding his “Gold In My Veins” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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