Keni press photo
Photo by Maddy Rotman

Keni releases a tongue-in-cheek music video for her dreamy indie-pop single, entitled, “Bev Hillz”

Keni is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a tongue-in-cheek music video for her dreamy indie-pop single, entitled, “Bev Hillz,” a kooky homage to Keni’s heroes, Weezer.

Keni – “Bev Hillz” music video

“I get excited before the money’s in the bank, I’ve gotta cut that out. I’m feeling lucky, I want these people to know my name; I hope they keep me around. And I want a star on the boulevard, ride around expensive cars, I’m a big Kool-Aid fan. I don’t care if it’s embarrassing, I’ll admit to dreaming because Weezer’s my favorite band.” – lyrics

‘Bev Hillz’ tells a wonderful tale about a young woman who envisions people watching her on TV while she performs at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California. Also, she sees herself looking at her very own star on Hollywood Boulevard and driving a fancy race car around Beverly Hills like a celebrity. Later, she admits, “Everyone my age wants to fall in love, I can’t do it anymore. The only thing I need is blood from the veins of the industry.”

“There’s no promises in Hollywood, and everybody thinks that I should get down on my knees and pray.”

Keni press photo
Photo by Maddy Rotman

“I love Weezer. Always have, always will. Beverly Hills is a staple of my childhood. I grew up in LA and Hannah Montana was my favorite show. So what else would anyone expect? I live and have lived in the San Fernando Valley forever. I love it here. It’s my home but I want to move up. I don’t take myself too seriously, similar in that sense to this song. In my silliest, wildest dreams, I do want a star on the boulevard. I know how that may sound but I WANT one. A big fat star with my name on it. And that’s okay because you probably want one too. That’s what this song is about.” – Keni explained

‘Bev Hillz’ contains a relatable narrative, off-kilter songwriting, and ear-pleasing breathy vocals. The likable tune possesses thudding drum-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative and indie-pop elements. Furthermore, “Bev Hillz” serves as the first taste of what listeners can expect to hear on Keni’s upcoming debut EP, set to be released soon.

Keni – “Bev Hillz” single

Keni - Bev Hillz song artwork

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