Kellee Maize

Kellee Maize releases a poppin’ dance tune, entitled, “In Tune (Remix)”

Kellee Maize is a rapper/singer-songwriter out of Pittsburgh, PA. Not too long ago, she released “In Tune (Remix)”, a poppin’ dance tune from her “The Remixes” project featuring J. Glaze.

Kellee Maize – “In Tune (Remix)” feat. J. Glaze

“I’m the Venus for your Mars. I’m the healing for your scars, I’m the nighttime for your stars. You don’t gotta look too far. Watering the family tree and we’re off to happily. If the earth falls to the sea, in your arms is where I’ll be. We already are you and me, psychically, in tune to be, STARS.” – lyrics

“In Tune (Remix)” contains a positive vibration, ’90s-inspired raps, and a poppin’ instrumentation embedded with electronic elements. Also, the song speaks about the best part of a relationship when both parties are feeling each other.

Kellee Maize 

Kellee Maize

“I feel self-expression, art, and music can help us heal and learn to be the vehicle by which our culture can evolve into a world that works for all, instead of just a small percentage.” – Kellee Maize

Maize’s music is perfumed with love, philosophy, and social issues. She believes wholeheartedly in Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: “being the change we wish to see in the world.” Also, her music is available under Creative Commons and over 100,000 creators have used her music in their projects.

Check out Maize’s “The Remixes” project via Spotify.

“The Remixes”

We recommend adding Maize’s “In Tune (Remix)” single to your personal playlist.

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