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PREMIERE: Keeana Kee unveils a steamy reggaeton tune, entitled, “Love is My Treasure”

Keeana Kee is a Latvian-born singer and model based in New York. Not too long ago, she released a steamy reggaeton tune, entitled, “Love is My Treasure”.

Keeana Kee – “Love is My Treasure” single

“Whatever hyped me up got me dancing reggaeton. The liquor got me high from Paris and all around. Come wine me up slowly, don’t feel so lonely. My venial sin, honey, where have you been? When every word means so much. Take my hand make me walk now. Watch the strangers talk about me and you. How much more can we do? And now, we come together as one. In our moves, you’re my muse. It’s about you and me. That’s the way it should be.” – lyrics

‘Love is My Treasure’ tells a stimulating tale of a young woman who shares a challenging relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she treasures her partner’s adoration and knows her companion’s immeasurable love is the sweetest drug she knows. Therefore, she takes comfort in the pleasure and pain that love brings.

‘Love is My Treasure’ contains an engaging narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the dance-friendly tune possesses rhythmic instrumentation flavored with reggaeton, Latin-inspired pop, and tropical-dancehall elements.

“It’s gonna be alright, that’s all that matters.”

Keeana Kee - “Love is My Treasure” cover

“We’re trapped in this familiar cycle—we fight and we make-up, we fight again, but make-up again. We always find ourselves in this scenario. ‘Love is My Treasure’ is about realizing through all your anger and pain, what this person’s love means to you, and the value that it holds. The competing dualities of love—he or she is the source of your pain, but also the salve for your heart. Come find me in a place that takes the cares away—the dance floor. Moving with the rhythm of the song will bring us back together, one beat at a time.” – Keeana Kee stated

Keeana Kee’s music fits in the same sonic ballpark with songs created by Sia, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez. Also, her musical inspirations include Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé. “Love is My Treasure” serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear from Keeana as she continues her rise to fame.

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