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Listen to “Nirvana”: A Mesmerizing Musical Journey by Kazy Lambist and Julietta

Behind the Kazy Lambist (@kazylambist) project is Arthur Dubreucq, a young French producer, musician, and artist. Not too long ago via Wagram Music, he pushed forward the electronic, pop, and alternative boundaries once again with the release of his brand-new single, “Nirvana,” featuring Californian singer-songwriter Julietta (@julietta.lunarose).

Kazy Lambist – “Nirvana” single featuring Julietta

“The contrast between feeling interconnected with all beings and experiencing isolation represents the inherent flux of life. It’s about embracing experiences and then letting them go, repeatedly. As it unfolds, I realize there is never an end to the one-step-forward, two-step-back process. But the most important thing is that I keep taking those steps forward, no matter how hard life pushes back. No matter how many times I get triggered, I still seek to reach nirvana. These are the lessons I’ve learned from journeys through the subways of NYC, the highways of LA, the Andes of Peru, and the Himalayas of India. No matter what corner I find myself in, the same message returns: resilience is the art of adaptation. And if I slip away, I pull myself together once again, reinventing who I am, getting off on muddy waters. So, play it on repeat.” – Julietta explained

Recorded in Rome, “Nirvana” delves into the disintegration of the artist-muse relationship while serving as an ode to meditation, evoking introspection, and resilience. The duo declaims the lyrics (‘Play it on repeat / Wash it over me / Whispers of Nirvana’) like a mantra, seamlessly blending intimate lyricism with vast expanses of sound.

Guided by Julietta’s seductive vocals, “Nirvana” weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of twinkling strings and muffled flute sounds, transporting listeners into a mystical trance. The track’s Euro-dance rhythms pulse with electrifying energy, invoking an enchanting musical odyssey.

Kazy Lambist

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The stunning collaboration paints a dreamscape of fluidity, illuminated by the producer’s nostalgic sound design and Julietta’s ethereal vocals. The single is paired with the announcement of Lambist’s forthcoming LP, “Moda,” which is due to be released on June 7th, 2024, and the beginning of his North America tour with Kid Francescoli. Fans are poised for an exhilarating exploration of his evolving sound.

The album features many seasoned collaborators and seamlessly blends electronic and organic sounds. Drawing inspiration from various geographical locales such as Turkey, Italy (where Lambist resided for two years during the album’s conception), and the South of France (Lambist’s native Montpellier), the album is united by the symbolic Mediterranean thread. Immersed in the realm of flourishing chill-wave, “Moda” promises to manifest in diverse and bustling forms.

Kazy Lambist

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Kazy Lambist is an artist who deftly navigates the realm of frictionless, conflict-free sounds, crafting music that is both welcoming and panoramic, sophisticated yet hedonistic, volatile yet elegant. Inspired by sensuality and emotions, Lambist refuses to confine himself to restricted musical niches, instead offering an extensive vision to his audience.

Lambist’s viral hit “Doing Yoga” earned him the New Talent Inrocks Lab Audience Award in 2015 and garnered enthusiastic endorsements from figures like film director Guillermo Del Toro, leading to collaborations with fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Kazy Lambist

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Following his stellar breakthrough album “33 000 Ft,” Lambist has continued to delight audiences with interim releases like the breezy “Sky Kiss” EP and exploratory tracks like “Nasty” with Italian rapper Tutti Fenomeni. With platinum and gold-certified singles under his belt, along with a worldwide tour, Lambist’s global appeal is undeniable. Now, he is set to launch the second chapter of his musical journey with “Moda,” his LP almost six years in the making, showcasing his evolution as an artist while maintaining his distinctive sound and charm.

As Kazy Lambist prepares his next chapter, “Nirvana” lays the groundwork. With anticipation building for his album and upcoming North American tour with Kid Francescoli, the future looks bright for this rising alt-pop talent.

Kazy Lambist – “Nirvana” single

Kazy Lambist Nirvana cover

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