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Katile unveils a lovely psychological pop tune, entitled, “Say Sorry”

Katile (pronounced Katie Lee) is an NYC-based singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Not too long ago, she released a lovely psychological pop tune, entitled, “Say Sorry”.

Katile – “Say Sorry” single

“Laying in my bed second-guessing everything I said to my friends, to strangers. I apologize for things I never did. I’ve been feeling this way for so long, it’s like even when I’m right I’m wrong. But I’m tired of that same old song. I don’t, I don’t want to say sorry. I don’t wanna waste my words when I say too much it hurts.” – lyrics

‘Say Sorry’ tells a genuine tale of a woman who doesn’t want to say ‘sorry’ anymore. Apparently, words fall out of her mouth whenever she gets anxious. And shortly afterward, she finds herself feeling unhappy after apologizing for wasting her words or saying too much.

‘Say Sorry’ contains a self-examining narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the introspective tune possesses groovy instrumentation flavored with an electro-pop aroma.

“It’s like even when I’m right I’m wrong.”

Katile press photo

“I wrote ‘Say Sorry’ because I’m someone who is always apologizing to family, friends, the barista at Starbucks, my cab driver. To everyone for what feels like everything. I think over apologizing is something that was engraved in me as a young girl and it’s something that I have been working on fixing. I feel that a lot of people do this though. And I think we should all be proud of who we are, the choices we make and own the space we take up. Nobody should be apologizing for just being themselves.” – Katile stated

Katile was born and raised an hour’s drive from a mall or movie theater in the mountains of New Jersey. After high school, she moved to NYC to pursue her dreams of making her own music. Shortly afterward, she landed her first professional gig performing aboard Carnival Cruise Lines, singing every genre she could. Possessing a gambling spirit, she later hit land waiting tables at the Cutting Room in New York City. Within a month, she met producer Matty Amendola sitting in on the drums with Adam Levine. At the right place at the right time, Katile found a producer with a shared vision of her evolving craft.

“Say Sorry” single

Katile - “Say Sorry” cover art

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