Katharina Boger press photo

Katharina Boger Performs her “Angels & Devils” Single Live at Sonic Boom Studio in Berlin

Katharina Boger (@katharinaboger) is a Europe-raised singer-songwriter who was born in Asia. Not too long ago, she delivered a wonderful video performance of her “Angels & Devils” single.

Katharina Boger’s performance was recorded live in Berlin at Sonic Boom Studio with esteemed production company, Fantomfilm. The video finds Katharina in her element, presenting a powerhouse rendition of her “Angels & Devils” song. The distinctive ambiance, accentuated by captivating lighting designed by DRYHYR, perfectly captures the essence of Katharina’s “DAngel” theme. She sings with passion, “On one hand, I should be good to you. But on the other hand, I’m a bad girl too. Maybe I want to change, maybe I’ll stay the same. But you’re gonna love me, babe, ’cause there’s no other way.”

Katharina Boger – “Breaking Rules” (Music Video)

Katharina’s spirited “Angels & Devils” performance follows mildly on the heels of her previously released music video for her “Breaking Rules” single, recorded in collaboration with producer, Nick J. Turpin. “Breaking Rules” melds Rock ‘n’ Roll and trap, showcasing Katharina’s powerhouse vocals and fearless attitude.

Katharina Boger press photo

Katharina Boger embodies determination, creativity, and unapologetic self-expression. Born across continents, her music transcends borders, offering a unifying message amid the current global crisis. Her story is a testament to the unifying power of music. Her “DAngel” brand represents the duality within us all, with both angelic and devilish sides. Looking ahead to 2024, Katharina is gearing up for an exciting year with an upcoming tour, new songs, and captivating music videos.

Katharina Boger - Angels & Devils cover art

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