Kasimp & Felix press photo
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Kasimp & Felix Hien releases a Funkadelic pop tune, entitled, “Autumn”

Kasimp & Felix Hien is a newly formed musical duo from Germany. Not too long ago, they released a Funkadelic pop tune, entitled, “Autumn,” created in autumn on a nighttime walk

Kasimp & Felix Hien – “Autumn” single

Life is a trip, or as Kasimp and Felix Hien describe it—life is like endlessly slipping on autumn leaves. Kasimp calls autumn: the time of reflection from life. A time when you find yourself as a human being in a vast universe, where you realize that everything is constantly changing. Therefore, trying to hold on to anything is useless.

In a two-minute sound collage, Kasimp and Felix tell listeners about the perception of time and space and the realization that humans are part of this complex universal system. The duo also take listeners on a brief journey through a dark and foggy autumn night – where intricate and laid-back chords tell the course of life in a figurative way.

Kasimp & Felix Hien

Kasimp & Felix press photo
Photo by @mmaarrccaannddrree

‘Autumn’ is less of a song, more a sound installation that could break all the rules of space and time. In the process of creation, Hien and Kasimp thought of “Autumn” like a large painting, to which they added more and more details. In not much more than two minutes, the duo manages to capture autumn melancholy as directly and unfiltered as few pop songs do.

‘Autumn’ contains an ear-pleasing soundscape that will resonate well with fans of Tom Misch, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Jordan Rakei. The likable tune possesses groovy guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with Funkadelic pop, indie R&B, and lo-fi alternative-funk elements. Also, “Autumn” serves as a savory appetizer from Kasimp & Felix’s upcoming EP, entitled, “Law of Vibration.” The project is set to be released on June 24, 2022. In “Law of Vibration,” the singer-songwriter and producer/keyboardist deal intensively with interpersonal relationships, feelings, and the topic of self-reflection.

“Autumn” single

Kasimp & Felix - “Autumn” song cover art

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