KARMA releases a delicious urban soul tune, entitled, “BYE”

KARMA is a rising R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from California. Not too long ago, she released a delicious urban soul tune, entitled, “BYE”, produced by @callMe_Parker.  



“Oh no, they can’t hold or slow me down when I get in go mode. Watch out for the wave, I’ma just slash all in his face, I guess you’re mad. Say you couniting up but you ain’t got no racks. How you on my nuts and I ain’t got no sack.” – lyrics

‘BYE’ tells a tale of a confident young woman who tells her ex-boyfriend, ‘Bye, see you later, ni^^a, and don’t let the door hit you when you bounce.’ Apparently, she had it up to here with him and his shenanigans.

But the dude is troubled by the breakup, but she isn’t because she’s tired of him messing up her zone. Therefore, she has no problem telling him to find some tissue and remove himself completely from her life. It might sound cold-hearted, but hey, that’s her life. She’s grown and does want she wants. – ✋ Bye



‘BYE’ contains a relatable storyline, braggadocios lyrics, and an energetic instrumentation embedded with hip-hop and trap elements.      

In conclusion, KARMA is a talented artist, one you should definitely keep an ear out for in 2018 and beyond. The good thing is she has more fire 🔥 in the stash. Therefore, we recommend adding her “BYE” single to your personal playlist.

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