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Photo by David McClister

Karley Scott Collins releases an appealing music video for her “Petty in the 80s” single

Karley Scott Collins is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Lake City, Florida. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her “Petty in the 80s” single via Sony Music Nashville.

Karley Scott Collins – “Petty in the 80s” music video

“For the ‘Petty In The 80s’ video, I really wanted to show the fun side of falling in love and how it changes you. Collecting vinyl is a hobby of mine, so we started the video out in a record store and when I hit the ‘80s section, I’m transported back in time into the coolest, most ‘80s car ever – a DeLorean. I had the best time shooting this video, it was such a fun day, so I hope people feel that when they watch it.” – Karley Scott Collins explained

Directed by Robby Stevens with Midtown Motion, the video hones in on Karley Scott Collins’ poetic edginess and ability to connect her rock and roll influences with her fresh new sound. Armed with a soulful grit in her voice and an energetic take on a love song, the songstress continues to prove she is destined for success.

Collins’ old-school influences and appreciation for the past also shine brightly for viewers to see. From shredding on her guitar in front of static-filled televisions, browsing old vinyl record store aisles, to sitting in a DeLorean complete with its iconic gullwing doors, the video is an ode to the vibrant decade.

Karley Scott Collins

Karley Scott Collins - Petty in the 80s (Official Visualizer) - VSC

When Karley Scott Collins moved to Nashville from her hometown of Lake City, FL. She arrived armed with her words – turns of phrase she’d fallen in love with, stories told to her by friends and family, and lyrics she’d jotted down in notebooks since she was 12. It’s Collins’ rich and emotionally soulful voice – an instrument that toes the line between wide-eyed wonder and world-weary knowledge – that anchors their messages.

At their focal points, Collins’ songs are wrapped in lush instrumentation, neatly folding in her myriad musical influences like The Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Leonard Cohen, and Willie Nelson. Backed by Warner Chappell Publishing and Sony Nashville, her debut releases, “Heavenly” and “Tattoos,” struck a chord with critics upon release earlier this year, and her latest offerings “Better Strangers” and “Petty in the 80s” are available now.  With more new music on the way thereafter, the 22-year-old upstart is all but assured to land with a seismic impact in the months ahead.

Karley Scott Collins – “Petty in the 80s” single

Karley Scott Collins - “Petty in the 80s” cover art
Photo by David McClister

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