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Kareem Kateb releases an optimistic rap single, entitled, “Looking Out For Me”

Kareem Kateb is an up-and-coming rapper based in Vienna, Austria. Not too long ago, he released an optimistic rap single, titled, “Looking Out For Me,” via Made Jour Label.

Kareem Kateb – “Looking Out For Me” single

“F***** it up again, we should be making out like bandits. Could be making bands out in Cannes getting candid. Now we’re crushing cans in a van feeling stranded. Penning punchlines that my hands never landed. Still, the same story, give a damn if you planned it. How would you understand it? They’re clueless, getting to the mountaintop is steep. You never had a dream, boy, you’ve never been asleep. Never had a goal, man, you never made the team. And if you never make the cut, know you’ll never make the scene.” – lyrics

‘Looking Out For Me’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young guy who feels good whenever he looks up at the sky. No matter if he’s down and out or doing bad, he knows there’s someone out there looking out for him. Later, he admits, “My only hater, I’m the only one that doubted me. Always had a feeling that somebody was looking out for me. Started with a vision but it started getting cloudy. See, this superstar, megastar sh*t, ain’t what you thought it be.”

‘Looking Out For Me’ is a wonderful thank-you letter written by Kareem Kateb to whatever force that’s hard at work making sure things always work out in his favor. Through optimism and open-mindedness, all things are made possible – despite setbacks, hurdles, and disadvantages. Hard-hitting and introspective, this song is the definition of admitting the truth, giving thanks, and manifesting destiny.

“Somebody be praying for me, that sh*t is cold man.”

Kareem Kateb - “Looking Out For Me” cover art

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