K O D A E press photo
Photo by Claire Bourgeois

K O D A E releases a delightful single, entitled, “Fractals”

K O D A E is a diverse band from Canada. Not too long ago, they released a delightful single, titled, “Fractals.”

K O D A E – “Fractals” single

“We wanted our new single ‘Fractals’ to feel like a deep breath. The last couple of years reminded us of the importance of presence and community and as things have opened back up, many of us have fallen into the busy trap of trying to make up for the lost time. This song is meant to remind us to savor the moment and regain connection to the world around us.” – K O D A E explained

‘Fractals’ contains a relatable narrative and pleasing vocals that will resonate well with music lovers worldwide. The likable tune possesses groovy bass and funky guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with neo-soul, alternative, and indie R&B elements. Furthermore, “Fractals” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from K O D A E in the near future as they continue to release new music.

“Tonight it’s alright.”

K O D A E press photo
Photo by Claire Bourgeois

K O D A E combines a mutual love of modern groove with personal connections to nature and mysticism. With their different backgrounds, each member brings a unique flavor to the table: Annie da Silva’s velvety voice and cutting lyrics, Owen Mcpherson’s gospel roots on the deep five, Seyoung Lee’s lush jazz textures on the keys, Curtis Sauer’s ambitious groove on the drums, and Eric Osborne’s fluid harmonies on the guitar. Together, they weave songs that strut like breakbeats but warm the heart like a valley stream at sunset.

“Fractals” single

K O D A E - “Fractals” cover art work

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