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Justina Shandler releases a heartfelt indie-pop tune, entitled, “Taking Back My Love”

Justina Shandler is an LA-based award-winning singer-songwriter from Roanoke, Virginia. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt indie-pop tune, entitled, “Taking Back My Love.”

Justina Shandler – “Taking Back My Love”

“I just woke up from the past 10 years, I finally see myself. The fog is lifted, I’m Claritin clear, everyone can tell. On the rare occasion, I look in the rearview. You’ve gotten so much smaller, I can barely see you anymore. So don’t you dare call me right up. You couldn’t say sorry enough. I gave away all of your stuff, I’m taking back my love.” – lyrics

‘Taking Back My Love’ tells a bittersweet tale about a woman who successfully vacates a troubled relationship shared with her significant other. Apparently, when she was in need, her ex wasn’t there for her. However, at times, neither was she. Now, she entertains memories of them being together, even though there’s a slim chance they will ever become an item again. Later, Justina Shandler stated, “I wrote this song while driving away from my house, giving my freeloader ex time to pack his things.”

‘Taking Back My Love’ contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of  Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and Sara Bareilles. Also, the likable tune possesses moody instrumentation flavored with an indie-pop aroma. Furthermore, “Taking Back My Love” serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear on Justina Shandler’s new EP, entitled, “Taking Back My Love.” The five-track project also features other standout tracks including “Red Nikes” and “My Careful Reinvention.”

“I gave away all of your stuff, I’m taking back my love.”

Justina Shandler - “Taking Back My Love” cover

“I wrote the chorus to ‘Taking Back My Love’ while driving, as part of a song-a-day challenge I was doing with two friends. As soon as I got home, I rushed to the keyboard to finish it. I played a wrong chord by mistake, and when I listened back to the iPhone recording, I liked the mistake so much that I included it in the final version – the now thrilling bridge modulation. It reminded me that sometimes the mistakes are the coolest part. This lesson helped me not be so hard on myself during the long journey of healing from a relationship.” – Justina Shandler explained

Justina Shandler has won many national and international awards including Carnegie Hall’s songwriting competition, UK Songwriting Contest, and third place at the Rocky Mountain Folk Festival. She has performed at Lincoln Center and Rockwood Music Hall in New York (with members of Sara Bareilles’s band), at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN, and at various comedy clubs in Los Angeles. Also, she has shared transcendent co-writes with Nashville songwriter, Craig Carothers, and studied under hit songwriters Jon Lind (Boogie Wonderland) and Cathy Heller (of #1 iTunes podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job).

Justina Shandler

Justina Shandler press photo

Shandler taught songwriting and played rock music with over fifty incarcerated men at Dade and Everglades Correctional Institutions. Exchange for Change, a non-profit organization, sponsored the event. During the summer, Justina builds confidence with young songwriters at Interlochen Arts Camp, an intensive three-week program. As an adjunct professor, she shares songwriting wisdom at the University of Miami, where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Media Writing and Production.

“Taking Back My Love” EP

Justina Shandler - “Taking Back My Love” cover

“‘Taking Back My Love’ EP contains five songs that happened in between the painful aftermath of a breakup. And the sobering accountability of taking my happiness into my own hands. In the small moments of realizing I wouldn’t be better off by making another person into a villain. In the loneliness that felt mostly isolating and a little bit free. Also, the uncomfortable patience that made everything a little bit easier over time.” – Justina Shandler explained

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