JusBadd releases a music video for his “Ride Slow” single

JusBadd is a rapper and producer from Birmingham, Alabama. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Ride Slow” single.

JusBadd – “Ride Slow”

“I think back to the days I was f**ked up. Had no money to eat well ni**a tough luck. Pops was the only one that was sliding me bread. So when me and him was at odds my pockets was dead . Riding through the city stomach full of emptiness. Looking at my homies eat, ni**a I was envious. Pockets was anorexic man, they was stupid flat. I ain’t even have pocket change I ain’t feeling that.” – lyrics

‘Ride Slow’ tells an interesting tale of a young man who is grateful after struggling through life before finding success.

Now, whenever he drives his Altima, he turns his music up, pushes his seat back, and rides slowly through his city.

‘Ride Slow’ contains a relatable storyline, memoir raps, and melodic instrumentation flavored with smooth hip-hop elements.

JusBadd – “Ride Slow” single

JusBadd – “Ride Slow” artwork

JusBadd was born 2 months premature causing complications with his birth. At the age of two, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which affected his legs and ability to walk.

In 2004, his guidance counselor allowed him to record his first album in her office after finding out he had been writing raps in class.

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