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Brian Mcknight Jr. & DJ Pleez release a groovy R&B tune, entitled, “Keep Me Up”

Junior (Brian Mcknight Jr.) is a talented singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. DJ Pleez (Matt Villacarte) is a producer and songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. Not too long ago, they released “Keep Me Up”, a deliciously groovy R&B tune from their spicy “Summer Love” EP.

Junior & DJ Pleez – “Keep Me Up”

“We didn’t plan this, yet came together so well. Just like magnets, had no choice can’t you tell. Let’s take advantage of this high that we’re feeling. It’s so revealing, you’re so appealing.” – lyrics

“Keep Me Up” contains charismatic vocals, ear-welcoming melodies, and groovy instrumentation perfumed with a summery feel-good vibe. Also, it tells the tale of a guy who adores the woman he’s in a relationship with.


Junior + DJ Pleez Main

“When Pleez sent me the track for ‘Keep Me Up’, I immediately got that ‘90s, early 2000s RnB, dirty dancing vibe. So, I wanted to write something that wasn’t too explicit, but that definitely wasn’t shy about what I was trying to say. I’m proud of where we took it. It’s for the grown and sexy for sure. And I hope they groove to it.” – Junior

DJ Pleez added his thoughts to Junior’s statement.

“I wasn’t even convinced there was necessarily anything there with this track. But, as I’ve learned over and over again, this is an artist and songwriter who basically finds melodic stories and harmony where others can’t. Nuanced and soulful, it’s one of my favorites off of the EP.” – DJ Pleez

Check out Junior vs DJ Pleez “Summer Love” EP via Spotify.

“Summer Love” EP

We recommend adding Junior & DJ Pleez’s “Keep Me Up” single to your personal playlist.

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