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Jung Shackleton releases a lovely folk tune, entitled, “Proof of Life”, featuring Buck Meek

Jung Shackleton is a creative musical project created by singer-songwriter Miguel de Bragança. Not too long ago, he released a lovely folk tune, entitled, “Proof of Life”, featuring Buck Meek (lead guitarist and backup vocalist for indie luminary Big Thief).

Jung Shackleton – “Proof of Life” single feat. Buck Meek

“‘Proof of Life’ is a song about little moments in life that feel really big and remind you that you’re alive and kicking. Those spontaneous moments that break up the rhythm of day-to-day existence and hit you with a feeling that sticks with you. Also, I try to share a few of those moments from my own experience in the song. Late night summertime hookups by the beach, getting stuck in a small town on a road-trip, and swearing off the idea of being tied to a spouse forever after hearing some wedding bells. Only to later be engaged and be tempted with a forbidden kiss. It ends on an upbeat note, predicting that more of these times are coming just down road.” – Miguelde Bragança

‘Proof of Life’ is a fitting sneak-peek into Shackleton’s upcoming twin EPs, entitled, “Breakup” and “Startup!”. The likable tune showcases Jung Shackleton’s folk-tinged musical DNA and a dedication to narrative song-craft.

Although this is their first musical collaboration, Jung Shackleton and Buck Meek met eight years ago during an art opening at Miguel’s award-winning exhibition space, YES OUI SI Boston.

“Proof of Life”

Jung Shackleton - “Proof of Life” cover

“I listened back to my demo and heard a timeless melody with a bit of a Leonard Cohen vibe. But it felt too clean. Buck has this approach—and you’ll hear it in the track—of infusing a certain Southern ramble into these subtly epic lines. I’m really pleased with the end result.” – Miguelde Bragança

Miguel brought Buck’s tracks to Holy Fang Campus, a recording studio and animal sanctuary in upstate New York. While there, he and co-producer Oliver Ignatius (Ghost Pal, Arsun) ran sessions for the album.

Also, Sebastian Bäverstam (Akademia award-winning cellist) and Marissa Alicata (violinist) added a nostalgic color that complements the song’s lyrics.

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“It’s about those little moments that feel really big, that hit you like a wave and make you feel alive.” – Miguelde Bragança

The songwriting began on a homesick night during 2018, in Portugal, where Miguel was studying web development at Le Wagon Lisbon (a coding boot camp).

‘Proof of Life’ was completed last May after a mountaineering accident in the French Alps. The song serves as a reminder of the fragility of life. Also, it inspired Miguel’s return to making music after a seven-year hiatus.

Jung Shackleton formed in 2019 to explore the musical spaces that exist between the American Folk Song, contemporary beats, and electro-acoustic textures.

We recommend adding Jung Shackleton’s “Proof of Life” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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