Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels stars in a romantic music video for “Issues”

Julia Michaels is a Pop singer from Davenport, Iowa, but raised in Santa Clarita, California. Not too long ago, she released a romantic music video for her “Issues” single.

Julia Michaels – “Issues” music video

“I’m jealous, I’m overzealous when I’m down, I get real down. When I’m high, I don’t come down. I get angry, baby, believe me. I could love you just like that and I could leave you just this fast. But you don’t judge me ’cause if you did, baby, I would judge you too. No, you don’t judge me ’cause if you did, baby, I would judge you too. ‘Cause I got issues. But you got ’em too. So give ’em all to me and I’ll give mine to you.” – lyrics

‘Issues’ was written after Michaels had an emotional fight with her boyfriend. The artist-to-watch is known for writing hit songs for Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Fifth Harmony. One day, she decided to keep a personal song for herself, which involved an emotional fight she had with her boyfriend. Furthermore, “Issues” serves as a fantastic presentation to what listeners can expect to hear from Julia Michaels in the near future as she continues her claim to fame. 

Julia Michaels – “Issues” single

Julia Michaels - Issues cover art

“’Issues’ was just so personal that it felt kind of uncomfortable hearing someone else sing it.” 

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