Juletta press photo by Eva Zar
Photo by Eva Zar

Juletta performs a stripped-down acoustic version of her “Strawberry” single (LIVE) at Tula House

Juletta is a talented singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, she performed a stripped-down acoustic version of her “Strawberry” single (LIVE) at Tula House.

Juletta – “Strawberry” (LIVE) at Tula House

“The accumulated smoke above Amsterdam reminds me of what I’m leaving. Strawberry clouds and your mouth remind me of what I’m missing. Even out my edge, he tells me, ‘Don’t be fickle’. So I stick with a water and he buys another coke can. Even, after all, we’re lonely so we fall so slowly. Strawberry fields and we’re alone again.” – lyrics

Each day of our lives is a study in the forces of growth and decay. Millions of our body’s cells die in the midst of new ones being born and so too are fresh memories constantly rushing in as older ones fade. Juletta’s “Strawberry” is a fight against this daily process. It is an attempt to preserve the fleeting fantasy of the now by holding on to it—past the point when life asks us to let go.

The song’s music video is engaged in the same battle. Among the flora at Greenpoint’s Tula House nursery, Juletta and her band play a stripped-down acoustic version of “Strawberry” while cameras meander through tropical greenery trying to capture (not just the act) but the energy of a live performance.

Whether these recordings can ever live up to the experience of actually “being there” remains to be seen. But for those of us like Juletta, who wishes “there” could last just a little bit longer, they will have to do.


Juletta press photo by Eva Zar
Photo by Eva Zar

“‘Strawberry’ to me is about deep-down knowing something isn’t going to last, but childishly holding on to it anyway. I wrote ‘Strawberry’ in an attempt to preserve that temporary fantasy world of fast/fleeting love and fresh experiences. Knowing very well that it was coming to an end all the same. And that it wasn’t meant to last and wasn’t ever sustainable.” – Juletta

‘Strawberry’ contains a relatable storyline, velvet vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the heartfelt tune possesses acoustic instrumentation scented with a warm emo-alternative aroma.

“Strawberry” single

Juletta - Strawberry cover

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