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PUMP UP YOUR VOLUME with JUICYPEAR’s “Island” single featuring Haiva Ru

JUICYPEAR (Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda, @juicypearmusic) is a SoCal-based husband and wife duo. Not too long ago, they released a groovy indie-pop single, titled, “Island,” featuring fellow SoCal indie-pop artist, Haiva Ru (@haivaru).

JUICYPEAR – “Island” lyric video featuring Haiva Ru

“Oftentimes, when someone is described as an island, there’s a negative connotation around it—like they’re choosing to be alone, isolated, and possibly misunderstood. In this song’s context, we meant it in the best possible way: a pursuit to become more ourselves; independent from what others think of or want from us. We can be islands living in a peaceful oasis, paradise no matter the circumstance or situation. That peace is always available to us. And to you. We hope you’ll hear this song and experience it as a sonic tropical getaway.

‘Island’ also features one of our best friends and a kick-a$$ artist, Haiva Ru. We’ve wanted to collaborate for a long time, and we finally found the perfect song to make it happen. She brings such a warmth and vibe to this track.” – JUICYPEAR explained  

“Island” is the groove-inflected, yacht-rock focus track of JUICYPEAR’s self-titled, full-length album via their home label, AESTHETYK, and SONY/The Orchard Distribution.                                                              


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“This album is essentially our life journey together up to this point. They touch on the ups and downs of getting married, starting a family, and exploring life through the lens of a life partner. These are nine songs about what true, tender, timeless love feels like and a firsthand account of what it looks like to put in the work to better ourselves for each other and as individuals. These songs have been some of the most beautiful creations we’ve made because they are real and tell our story.” – Jasmine explained

En route to the nine-song album launch, JUICYPEAR has dropped a couple of singles. The bouncy, dream pop insta-singalong “This Is Love,” serves as the band’s first release since their November 2022 cover of No Doubt’s “Underneath It All,” and first delivery of new material since June 2021. Their next release from the album, “Orbit,” mixes elements of R&B, lounge, and disco to create a chill, laidback groove.

In the wake of 2020’s societal heaviness, confusion, and constraint, JUICYPEAR emerged with a small offering of shimmering power-pop, providing an essential dose of levity and bliss to weary souls worldwide.


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“The story behind JUICYPEAR is, at first, it was a complete joke. Jacob and I were thinking of starting a band and he joked that it would be funny to write slow R&B love jams and call ourselves ‘Juicy Pear’ because not only is it a hilarious pun—because we are a duo; we’re a ‘pair… pear’—but because he knew I would never ever go for that name. But after jokingly sharing it with our producers and friends they were like ‘WE LOVE IT!’

“I hope listeners become fans of the smooth tones which feel like sunset hues to me—you know, just feeling relaxed and good while listening. I hope that when they listen, they feel relief…like everything is gonna be okay.” – Jasmine explained

If JUICYPEAR caught you off guard, no worries. The duo’s name actually did the same thing for the artists who came up with it in the first place. But you must admit, it’s mad catchy. Plus, pears have a lot of cool symbolism to them. They signify wisdom and health. Fertility (which is simply the ability to produce). Inner peace. Affection. Comfort. It’s also what any true music lover wants to feel every time they jump in their car for a drive with the windows down, wind in the hair, and zero worries.

JUICYPEAR – “Island” single featuring Haiva Ru

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