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Experience R&B Sensuality with J.Tani’s “Habit” Single

J.Tani (@_jtani) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. Not too long ago, she released a sensual R&B single, “Habit,” via Who Dis Productions, LLC.

J.Tani – “Habit” single

“Habit’ is about two friends who explore a growing connection, taking risks as they delve into deeper physical closeness while aiming to keep their emotions unattached. The lyrics capture the thrill and anticipation of a changing chemistry in private, vividly portraying a dynamic connection.” – J.Tani explained

“Habit” contains ear-pleasing vocals, soothing melodies, and a relatable, relationship-on-the-low-based narrative that will surely resonate well with fans of SZA. Knowing she has what her friend desires, J.Tani sings with confidence, “I will twerk tonight if you want me to get ratchet. Ain’t no strings attached, so I’m comfortable to throw it.” Later, she admits, “Long as you let me know that we gon’ keep it on the low, I’ll take you to the moon whenever you’re ready to go.”

“Habit” is for listeners who don’t mind being naughty and disobedient in the bedroom with their significant other. Better than you imagined, the song stands tall on J.Tani’s debut EP, “Uncomfortable Conversations.”

J.Tani – “Uncomfortable Conversations” EP

J.Tani - “Uncomfortable Conversations” EP cover art

J.Tani was raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia. A middle child, among five spirited sisters, J.Tani’s journey into music began early. She found her voice in the family choir directed by her pastor parents. Singing became her escape, and storytelling, her innate gift. “I never liked sticking to scripts,” J.Tani admitted. “I preferred the spontaneity of freestyling, letting my emotions guide the melody.”

The road to musical discovery wasn’t always smooth for J.Tani. Nights at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta were tough and she faced a symphony of boos for nearly a year. Instead of succumbing to defeat, those moments became her crucible, shaping her into the live performer she is today. “My music is a fusion of candid vent sessions, imaginative tales, love stories, and celebration vibes,” J.Tani stated. “I’ve embraced the art of using melodies to articulate life’s unpredictable journey, navigating its challenges and joys.”

Join J.Tani as she weaves the soundtrack to the twists and turns that we all have encountered, a musical tapestry that mirrors the complexity of life itself.

J.Tani – “Habit” single

J.Tani - “Habit” cover art

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