Joselyn Rivera

Joselyn Rivera releases her debut single, entitled, “Savior”

Joselyn Rivera is a Pop singer-songwriter outta Pembroke Pines, Florida. Not too long ago, she released her debut single, entitled, “Savior”.

Joselyn Rivera – “Savior”

Rivera revealed to Nxt Style that Savior is based on a personal relationship with her ex.

“The concept of Savior came about while I was near the end of a toxic and draining relationship. I put my phone on airplane mode so my boyfriend at the time wouldn’t blow up my phone and I walked into the session that day feeling uninspired.”

Joselyn Rivera

“My thoughts were all over the place and I started with ‘Madly in love’ to “I hate what I’ve become” to finally ending in “I don’t need you—don’t need to be my savior.” I think I reached my point and I had enough. I’m at a place where I finally hear my voice the loudest above all the other voices that would love for me to believe I’m weak and incapable without them. That’s what pretty much signifies Savior.”

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