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Jordan Hart releases an impressive indie-folk single, entitled, “Get To You”

Jordan Hart is an Alberta native, gold-certified producer, and singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, he released an impressive indie-folk single, titled, “Get To You,” via baselineMUSIC. The song, incredibly relatable for all listeners, is Jordan’s second single of 2023.

Jordan Hart – “Get To You” single

“One of the most beautiful things I’m realizing about this tune is even though it was written about a specific situation, it relates broadly to different forms of unrequited love. It makes me realize we’re all going through similar things. We all have similar desires, similar anxieties, and similar difficulties. I’m so grateful music is an outlet that helps us all remember how connected we are.” – Jordan Hart explained

‘Get To You’ was developed in the early hours of the morning, when the combination of a sleepless night and a racing mind forced Jordan Hart into his home studio to sort his feelings. He began creating a cyclical pattern on his guitar, based on triplets, that mimicked his thought pattern at the time.

Representing Jordan’s internal struggle of feeling like he’s failing at connecting in the ways he intends to, with the second verse sharing, “I hold back my heart like it’s too hot to hold,” he shares that his instinct is to give all of him, but fears that if he shows everything he’s feeling, it’ll be too much, and it won’t be received.

‘Get To You’ contains undeniable vocals surrounded by an unexpected choral background. It’s emotive and anthemic in every way.

Jordan Hart

Jordan Hart press photo

Jordan Hart is often categorized as having contemporary roots with influences of soul, delivering emotive cinematic soundscapes that win the hearts of audiences worldwide. Jordan’s releases have garnered over 32 million streams on Spotify, and song placements on notable programs such as Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol, and Manifest. Also, he has received press recognition across North America, and via his intimate online performances supported by his 160,000 followers on TikTok.

While Hart’s success during the pandemic was centered around his recorded music, his live performance is what he has come to be known for. In 2018, Hart completed a 100–Day Busking Challenge in which he played on street corners across Canada, often garnering audiences in the hundreds of unexpecting passers-by. While Hart is now a veteran headliner and is selling out shows across the country, you can still find him playing outside on the odd summer day when he first fell in love with performing music.

Beyond his work as a solo artist, Jordan Hart is gaining an impressive track record as a producer and composer for other artists, working with the likes of bülow, Kiesza, Lucky Rose, and Lonely in the Rain to name a few. While he continues to compose and produce for other artists, Jordan has just begun working on his first full-length album which is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Jordan Hart – “Get To You” single

Jordan Hart - “Get To You” cover art

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