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Jonna Bae releases a music video for her new gangsta rap single, entitled, “GET DOWN,” featuring Looni

Jonna Bae (Jonika Mills) is an up-and-coming rapper from Macon, Georgia. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her new gangsta rap single, titled, “GET DOWN,” featuring (rapper) Looni.

Jonna Bae – “GET DOWN” video feat. Looni

“I don’t get played, I’m too smooth, I hit rewind. I don’t be going on dates – got no free time. Sleep in the trap with that strap – ain’t no me time. She said she f****** on who – declined. That’s the main reason yo a$$ behind. I’m on they motha F****** a$$, Levi. Thought he was gon’ get some a$$, he-ha. I’ll make you show yo true colors – no peacock. Classic, my reup in shoe boxes – Reeboks. I’ll get too geeked out my mind need detox. I’ll get to kicking this sh*t with my feet out. You play wit’ us in the club – get beat out b*tch.” – lyrics

‘GET DOWN’ tells an urban story about a dangerous couple who aren’t shy in waving their automatic weapons at problematic targets approaching them to do harm. Apparently, they ain’t scared of their opps or the cops, and won’t hesitate to shoot, “I’ll lay a ni^^a, I’ll lay a b*tch down.” Later, they let it be known, “Play wit’ my guys, you’ll die over nothing. I don’t care where they are, we’ll touch ‘em.”

‘GET DOWN’ contains explicit street lyrics and aggressive rap flows that will resonate well with fans of Lil Baby and Moneybagg Yo. The hardcore single possesses booming bass and thudding drum-laden production flavored with gangsta rap, drill, and contemporary trap elements. Furthermore, “GET DOWN” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Jonna Bae and Looni in the near future as they continue to release new music.

“Boy, I ain’t friendly, no dap no fist pound.”

Jonna Bae press photo

Since the age of 14, Jonna Bae has had a passion for music. In high school, she was known for her incredible rap skills and lyrical wordplay. In 2021, she released her standout single, “Pop My Sh*t.” Since then, she has continued to strive for success and is determined to become the new Queen of Rap Music. Jonna doesn’t consider herself to be just a rapper, she wants to be known as an artist with no limits.

Jonna Bae – “GET DOWN” single feat. Looni

Jonna Bae - “GET DOWN” cover art

“These people characters cartoons. I’ll hop out show my a$$ like a baboon. B*tch, I got war wounds, I don’t need tattoos. I be with thieves in the night – raccoon. I’ll probably lift the lil fye on his f*** a$$. Toting some hot, knock the hairs off yo mustache. You need bus fair to get yo a$$ bust at. I’ma run up with that ol lord what’s that. Sh*t too hot can’t touch that. Ni^^as ain’t talking ‘bout nothing. These b*tches ain’t talking ‘bout nothing. No money then end of discussion. They huffin’ and puffin’, I know that they bluffin’. This fire come from Russia, my lil one will rush ya. We shooting head first, sh*t will cause a concussion.” – lyrics

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