John Orpheus press photo by Patrick Hodgson
Photo by Patrick Hodgson

John Orpheus releases a music video for his “Fela Awoke (I Will Miss You)” single

John Orpheus is a multi-cultural musical artist and published author from South-Central, Trinidad. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Fela Awoke (I Will Miss You)” single.

John Orpheus – “Fela Awoke (I Will Miss You)” music video

“I’ve been traveling for so very long. Trying to find someplace that feels like home. And there are many things that you can take from me. But what you can’t take away, is the love that is found in our sweet destiny. Yeah, I awoke, the day Grandmama had her stroke. And I cried and I cried until the tears stopped my throat. You see, she was the gardener and I was the soil. She said, ‘Boy, you gotta long road, full of love but full of toil.’ Mama, I’ma miss you and your oceans of smiles. I will miss you and the sun in your eyes. Mama, I’ma miss you like the rain miss the plains. I will miss you until I see you again.” – lyrics

The Patrick Hodgson-directed video introduces viewers to John Orpheus’s personal story. The song finds the artist-to-watch singing about the death of Fela Kuti’s mother, Bob Marley, and his (grandmother) Miss Excelly. Furthermore, ‘Fela Awoke (I Will Miss You)’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The emotional tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with Afrobeat and Afropop elements.

John Orpheus

John Orpheus press photo by Patrick Hodgson
Photo by Patrick Hodgson

“‘Fela Awoke (I Will Miss You)’ is a song that means everything to me. It tells a deeply personal story and is reaching for something more profound than I’ve ever tried to say through music. My people are Yoruba from West Africa and when I grew up in Trinidad, we still spoke some Yoruba words over 150 years later. So, as a grown musician, I always felt connected to Fela Kuti. In a year where life has been so fragile, this is my response. The lyrics are real. The hook is light and catchy. It’s uniquely me, but feels universal.” – John Orpheus explained

John Orpheus’s musical journey has taken him from the Caribbean bush to festivals across Canada and the US. For the past year and a half, he has been writing his memoir called, SAGA BOY, released by Penguin Random House Canada on January 19, 2021. With the book scheduled to launch, John decided to return to music to release a companion album also, entitled, SAGA BOY. Both the book and the album are built on the same themes of searching for home, family, love, and a fly coat to wear when you get there.

“Fela Awoke (I Will Miss You)” single

John Orpheus - Fela Awoke_ I Will Miss You artwork designed by Adrienne Elkerton
Artwork designed by Adrienne Elkerton

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