JNA press photo outside in a remote area

JNA releases an appealing audiovisual for their “#1” single

JNA is an LA-based duo consisting of twins, Jonny and Aaron. Not too long ago, they released an appealing audiovisual for their “#1” single.

JNA – “#1” music video

“We hope that everyone who hears this song knows that there is someone special out there and they deserve to be someone’s #1.” – JNA stated

The music video finds JNA in a remote area with their significant others. The video follows their activities and showcases the artists doing everything in their power to make their companions feel special.

Furthermore, the “#1” song tells a charming tale about a young guy who expresses how he feels about his significant other. Apparently, he loves her very much and is extremely grateful to have her by his side. Later, he admits that she is his number one, the only woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.

‘#1’ contains an endearing relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The likable tune possesses beat-driven instrumentation flavored with a smooth contemporary R&B vibration. Furthermore, “#1” follows mildly on the heels of JNA’s viral hit, entitled, “You Got It.” To date, the song has generated over 60,000 unique videos on TikTok after a dance challenge was created.

JNA – “You Got It” music video ft. Maddie The Baddie

“Dropping this record off of the success of ‘You Got It’ was a great continuation and extension of the love and encouragement to all the beautiful ladies out there. We’ve had overwhelming love and support from our fans and are very grateful for that.” – JNA stated

Feeling no pressure, JNA has kept their cool. And one thing is for sure, “You Got It” and “#1” serve as tasty appetizers to what listeners can expect to hear from JNA in the near future.

“Had to lock you down before I went and lost my chance.”

JNA - “#1” song cover art

“Yeah, hotter than the sun, Girl, you got me melting from your touch. Yeah, pick you right up, pull up in a G-Class truck. Baby, let me know if you wit’ it. I’ma buy you clothes, get you fitted. I will always be by your side, Girl, you’ll always be my number one. See you on the spot, yeah, you got me feeling starstruck. You know you the flyest, a beauty can’t deny it. Ran down on your girl looking like a snack. You can hit me girl I always got your back.” – lyrics

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