Jill Valentyne press photo
Photo by Thom Petty

Jill Valentyne releases an uplifting R&B tune, entitled, “Don’t Lose Your Sh*t,” featuring Dariah Flame

Jill Valentyne is an up-and-coming Phoenix, AZ-based singer-songwriter from Gary, IN. Not too long ago, she released an uplifting R&B tune, entitled, “Don’t Lose Your Sh*t,” featuring Dariah Flame.

Jill Valentyne – “Don’t Lose Your Sh*t” featuring Dariah Flame

‘Don’t Lose Your Sh*t’ finds Jill Valentyne reminding listeners that they shouldn’t lose their cool in the midst of adversity. “Just to be the man, don’t let these ni^^as send you to jail,” she enlightens street dwellers or gun-toting cats to be more humane and compassionate. “Don’t pull out that gun, there are kids at the party,” she encourages being responsible, thinking beyond selfish agendas, and having a genuine concern for others. “Don’t do that, don’t shoot man. That’s ignorant as hell.” Later, Jill sings about the importance of being in control of your mental health and building a strong and solid foundation brick by brick. Much like she carries herself, Jill further addresses the highly relatable topic with the perfect amount of soul, heart, and humor.

‘Don’t Lose Your Sh*t’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Jhené Aiko, Jazmine Sullivan, and Muni Long. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary and urban R&B elements. Furthermore, “Don’t Lose Your Sh*t” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Jill Valentyne’s upcoming EP.

“Everything you want and need is outside your comfort zone.”

Jill Valentyne press photo
Photo by Thom Petty

“I’m all up in my room, I’m trying to keep it cool. I think I’m coming to. I’m trying to chill my mood, I’m tryna make it through.” – lyrics

Jill Valentyne, a seasoned songwriter, cultivated her unique sound by drawing from a lifetime of influences. Now, it’s time for her to share her talents with the world, and she’s ready for the challenge.

“Don’t Lose Your Sh*t” featuring Dariah Flame

Jill Valentyne - “Don't Lose Your Sh*t” song cover art

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