Jhené Aiko
Photo by Rich Fury / Getty Images

Jhené Aiko releases two music videos for her “Never Call Me” single featuring Kurupt

Jhené Aiko is an R&B/Neo-Soul singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released two different videos for “Never Call Me”, a single from her “Trip” album featuring Kurupt.

Jhené Aiko – “Never Call Me” ft. Kurupt

The original edition of Aiko’s “Never Call Me” music video shows the artist wearing traditional Asian garb.

Also, the video follows the artist through an exotic territory and ends with an African-American woman, and others, mourning Aiko’s ex-death on a mountain cliff overlooking the ocean.

Jhené Aiko – “Never Call Me” ft. Kurupt

The Slauson Hills edition of Aiko’s “Never Call Me” music video shows the artist in Los Angeles with her crew. It’s a more down to earth version than the previous video. Also, it features Kurupt as Aiko’s older brother who’s concerned about her wellbeing.

Check out Jhené Aiko’s wonderful album, entitled, “Trip”, via Spotify.

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