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Jewels releases a sensational six-track EP, entitled, “Galaxy Baby”

Jewels (@jew.els) is a rising singer-songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. Not too long ago, she enchanted listeners with the launch of her highly anticipated, 6-track EP, titled, “Galaxy Baby,” via QE.

Jewels – “Galaxy Baby” EP

Jewels - Galaxy Baby EP cover art

“I want my fans to feel their real raw emotions come to the surface. Whether they are happy, sad, mad, or excited, there’s a song on the project for each and every feeling.” – Jewels stated

‘Galaxy Baby’ navigates the deepest spaces of love, mining an astronomical array of emotions showcasing the highs and the lows of relationships. Jewels weaves her unique vocal delivery and lyrical flows with upbeat tempos taking listeners on a journey filled with vulnerability. The entire project is fire from beginning to end. How it concludes, “My Alien” bleeding into “Song 4 U” is the perfect one-two combination that will surely put your mind high up into another galaxy, baby. Jewels is no joke, and “Galaxy Baby” is a serious collection of songs with heavy replay value.

With one of the fastest-growing fan bases, Jewels’ video views have recently surpassed +6M and her TikTok followers now exceed +1.5M. The songs on “Galaxy Baby” are captivating tunes that showcase Jewels’ otherworldly talent and boundless creativity.

Fans love the boldness and style Jewels brings as one of music’s fastest-rising stars. With such an original sound and look, Jewels remains an outside-the-box type of artist, perfectly blending different styles in her own dream-like way. This is brilliantly demonstrated on the EP’s focus track, “My Alien.”

Jewels – “My Alien” single

“My Alien is expressing my gratitude and my extreme levels of love for someone I could only dream of. ‘My Alien’ represents someone so different and perfect, that a human could only experience in a dream-like reality.” – Jewels explained

‘Galaxy Baby’ takes flight hot on the heels of Jewels’ standout projects such as “My Obsession” (2022), “Birthday Song”(2022), “Worst For Me” (2023), as well as her previous EP, 2023’s “Worst Of Me,” released last February under the QE label.

Jewels – “Love How I Love You” single

‘Worst of Me’ featured the million-streaming track, “Love How I Love You,” and proved a north star for newfound fans drawn to explore her music through her powerful + 1.5M TikTok presence. ‘Worst Of Me’ also built upon her 2020 album, “My Obsession,” further cementing Jewels’ creative trajectory with the critically and commercially successful singles: “Tonight,” “I Hate Rappers,” and “No Valentine.” In addition to her EP and album releases, Jewels set music and social media ablaze with viral covers, including her recent interpretation of Toosii’s “Favorite Song” remix.

Toosii “Another Love Song” Jewels Remix (Woman’s Version)

Musically trained in a ministry home, Jewels grew up singing in front of church audiences. Later, she began pursuing her passion for music professionally in 2020 with the arrival of her debut album, “Kinda Young,” which kicked off her music career. Rapidly garnering raved recognition, she amassed over 1.5M followers in less than a year on TikTok alone, which has contributed to her continuously climbing fanbase.

Jewels – “Song 4 U” ( Lyric Video)

Mastering her craft via TikTok, Jewels’ TikTok song covers, and open verse challenges have garnered millions of views, attracting a core fanbase to her own music. The trailblazing talent is extremely proud of her ability to write and deliver catchy, memorable music that elicits emotional responses from her listeners. Furthermore, she always has one purpose in mind: to make you FEEL her mood and leave an irreversible impact. Jewels’ music is diverse, ranging from passionate pop melodies to pleasant party music to R&B sounds. Her musical talent is matched by her distinct style, which includes her radiant red hair.

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