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Jessica Kuka releases an appealing music video for her “Reminiscing” single

Jessica Kuka is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in Oxford, England. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her “Reminiscing” single.

Jessica Kuka – “Reminiscing” music video

“Let it sink in, did you even think about what you did? I was just a kid; I can’t forgive the mark that you left on me when you put your hands on top of me. And it wasn’t even that one time, spent years pretending it was fine. Should have known it was all just lies. How could I think it was alright? I be reminiscing, keeping up my distance. I’ve been acting different; I know I’m not the same.” – lyrics

‘Reminiscing’ tells a sensitive tale about an independent woman who was sexually abused at a young age. Apparently, to this day, she’s not the same anymore. Later, she admits, “I know I’m grown now, can’t sit here feeling sorry for myself. But, man, you really f***ed with my health. Now, I doubt every situation.”

‘Reminiscing’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with music lovers. The likable tune possesses piano and drum-laden instrumentation flavored with a warm contemporary R&B vibration. Also, “Reminiscing” finds Jessica Kuka raising awareness and providing a voice to listeners who have experienced sexual abuse or might be uneducated about it.

“If I could take it back, I f***ing would. I would stand my ground and show you what’s good.”

Jessica Kuka - “Reminiscing” song cover art

“This is personally one of my fav projects. There’s a lot behind it. I wanted to give predominantly women a voice and raise awareness behind sexual harassment which is often overlooked and unseen. I hope you find healing behind my music.” – Jessica Kuka explained

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